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    Get Up!

    Unlike a leaf, if you’ve fallen you can still get up….

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    50 Shades Of Dawn

    The light
    from dusk to Dawn.
    Element-tree my dear

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    Strength, Honor, Wisdom

    Today needed you to carry me. You gave me strength to move on. Today an honor to have met you. Your three words, gave me my courage. Today your wisdom brightly did shine. Passed on knowledge, I was seeking. Your strength, honor and wisdom, three qualities we defined. Contributor’s note: I once again asked my Twitter followers for poetic inspiration by choosing three words for a poem. For the first three stanzas, I chose a Cinqku structure, which blends both a cinquain and a haiku, in a syllable format of 2-3-4-6-2, respectively per line. The words strength, honor and wisdom were all submitted …

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    Someday, Somewhere, Somehow

    Someday I hope to be free. Free from my logo Free from my anonymity. Somewhere I hope to meet you. In a warm café Over a cup of hot coffee. Somehow We know each other. You’re an open book Together we’ll turn a new page. Someday, somewhere, somehow our words became our bond. Contributor’s note: I once again asked my Twitter followers for poetic inspiration by choosing three words for a poem. The words someday, somewhere and somehow, were all submitted courtesy of Rae Rae Rose. Please go follow her by clicking here! …

Unlike a leaf, if you’ve fallen you can still get up.

A chill in the air.
Temperatures are falling.
The half-naked trees.

The light
from dusk to Dawn.
Element-tree my dear

The NFL 2014-2015 football season begins tonight with the Green Bay Packers visiting the Seattle Seahawks. I’m really excited about this upcoming football season, so I decided to do something a little differently this year. Each week I will provide my predictions for each of the NFL’s games, but here is the kicker. All predictions will be in haiku. So without further ado, here are my haiku.

Green Bay at Seattle

Pack it in Packers.
Score by land and win by SEA.
‘Hawks win by seven.

New Orleans at Atlanta

This will be a Brees.
Dirty Birds can’t beat dem Saints.
Dome field advantage.

Cincinnati at Baltimore

An upset stomach.
Ravens’ fans need some Pepto.
Cincy is winning.

Buffalo at Chicago

Not a loss at home.
Where the Buffalo Bills roam.
Bears win on Sunday.

Washington at Houston

The stars will shine bright.
Deep in the heart of Texas.
Houston wins by six.

Tennessee at Kansas City

A Titanic feast.
Tennessee’s getting skewered.

New England at Miami

Here is the story.
I love watching Brady’s bunch.
Reel in the Dolphins.

Oakland at NY Jets

An Apple Sunday.
Will keep the Raiders at Bay.
Leave on a Jet plane.

Jacksonville at Philadelphia

A football vulture.
Circling above the Jaguars.
The Eagles will soar.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh

Good old fashioned Steel.
Oxidation thrown away.
Steelers’ Chuck the Browns.

Minnesota at St. Louis

Bend but will not break.
The Vikings scream victory.
Battle of The Horns.

San Francisco at Dallas

Saddle up partner.
Head west butcher and baker.
Candlestick taker.

Carolina at Tampa Bay

Sweet Carolina.
“Good times never seemed so good.”
Panthers win by three.

NY Giants at Detroit

With a slingshot arm.
Eli beats The Goliath.
In the Lion’s den.

San Diego at Arizona

The Card’s not grounded.
No AC/DC Charger.
Zona’ll be chirping.

Indianapolis at Denver

No Broncos bucking.
The Colts are getting trampled
No Lucky horseshoe.

Well folks, there it is. Each week I will try to do these predications in haiku and then keep a running tally of my predictions.

I am
taking a
few baby steps.
I am addicted to
hot sox.