Alphabet Photography

Alphabet Photography – My Creation and Review

There have been many times when I have walked through a mall or an art fair, where I have seen various forms of pictures that resemble letters spelled into words. When these pictures are put together, you can often create a word and your very own “Alphabet Photography.” In fact, there is “The Original Alphabet…


Recap of The Minnesota Twins Deckstravaganza Event

Now I know what you are already thinking. What the heck is a Deckstravaganza? Deckstravaganza, similar to a lavish event or extravaganza, is the largest social media event of the year put on by the Minnesota Twins baseball team. On Monday morning, I was minding my own P’s and Q’s (what does that even mean?) when…


The Art of Shaving

At some point in a man’s life, they typically need to shave their whiskers. As a lad, I fondly remember watching my grandfather prepare his face to shave, while using shave soap and a badger brush. 40 years ago there was not the wide variety of shaving blades as there are today and my grandfather…

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