Apple Watch

My Apple Watch Review: Week 1

Ever since the Apple Watch was available for pre-order, I have stood on the sidelines watching and observing discussions about the latest and greatest product from Apple, the Apple Watch. Well scratch that, the latest and greatest product from Apple is actually Apple Music, which you can read about that by clicking on the button…


TargetExpress Highland Park Opens July 26th

Coming soon to the Highland Park neighborhood of Saint Paul is the new TargetExpress. Located at 2080 Ford Parkway, this new TargetExpress will open on July 26th – the day before my birthday (hint – a TargetExpress give certificate would be the perfect present for me). Target’s newest and smallest store format yet, TargetExpress has replaced the…

#TeethingBites Twitter Party

Join the #TeethingBites Twitter Party: July 9th 2pm ET

This upcoming Thursday, July 9th, at 2pm ET, 1pm CT, 11am PT, will be the Smiley360 hosted #TeethingBites Twitter party, sponsored by Infants’ Advil. As a parent of now two grown up lads, teething is something that any parent will most likely have had to experience and it “doesn’t have to bite” thanks to our friends…

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