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About The Product Poet

I am a pitmaster, poet and storyteller, once considered to be Twitter’s unofficial poet laureate. I love branding and haiku, while writing about BBQ, products, charities, travel and food.

As Chief Poet, I focus extensively on brand engagement and building of on-line communities through a unique blend of poetry and branding. Across various social networks, I have built a highly active, on-line community of brands, celebrities, writers, social media pundits and individuals. In addition to gathering social media data on brand engagement, with approximately 200,000 social media followers, I am a brand ambassador and social media influencer.

  • Love Barbecue
  • Love Branding
  • Love Travel
  • Love Charities
  • Love Haiku

Brand Ambassador and Social Media Influencer

I have worked with a wide variety of brands on branding opportunities though my unique blending of branding and poetry. Brand relationships include Applebees, Hilton Hotels, Marcus Theatres, Lift Bridge Brewing, Kamado Joe and many, many more.