First of all, thank you for actually taking the time to come to my website and being a reader of my posts. Secondarily, as promised in yesterday’s post, 7 Best of The Product Poet – Month of July 2015, here are the 7 Best of The Product Poet for the Month of August, 2015. I promise to do a much better job of recapping my most read posts on a weekly basis.

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So without further ado, here are the 7 Best of The Product Poet for the month of August as measured by page views from Google Analytics, along with a summary of the posts:

    1. 7 Fun Facts About Valleyfair: This post was about the best fair in the Upper Midwest, Valleyfair. And that’s too a Facebook share, I had a significant amount of visitors. As I say, “When we’re sharing, that shows we’re caring.”
    2. 7 Big Green Egg Accessories You Need Today: Here are 7 must have Big Green Accessories that every EGG head should own. Now I have many more, but these are my favorites.
    3. Check out The 30 Day Plank Challenge: Early this year I completed a 30-Day Plank Challenge, working my way (okay puffing my way) to a five-minute plank by the end of 30-days.
    4. Curious About Floating? Try Awaken For Wellness: This article was about an incredible experience of meditation through the process of floating.
    5. How To Smoke Cheese On The Big Green Egg: I love smoking on my Big Green Egg and my with my smoked cheese all my family does beg…for more.
    6. 7 Things I Hate – Monday Morning Musing: This article was as a result of some inspiration from the Dave Ryan in The Morning Show in Minneapolis, of 7 Words That Woman Hate.
    7. My Big Green Egg Makes Them Beg: This article is about my love for the Big Green Egg as well as how I smoke salmon. Mmm mmm good.

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