11 02, 2019

Himalayan Salt Block Cooking

2019-02-11T17:17:03-05:00February 11th, 2019|BBQ, BBQ Gadgets and Accessories, Last Post, Recipes|

For quite some time I have wanted a Himalayan Salt Block for cooking in my Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe. So about two months ago I was at my favorite BBQ shop in the Twin Cities, Quetopia, and I finally broke down and bought one. Granted I also ended up buying more smoking [...]

14 06, 2018

Coming Soon: Lump Charcoal Reviews

2018-09-05T16:22:06-05:00June 14th, 2018|BBQ, BBQ Gadgets and Accessories, Last Post, Products, Reviews|

What Is The Best Lump Charcoal For Your Smoker?I am often asked, "What is the best lump charcoal to use in your smoker?" Well that is not an easy question to answer, because there is a variety of charcoal. And when I speak of charcoal, I am only talking about lump charcoal. You see, [...]

1 06, 2018

Why A Thermapen Is My Secret Ingredient

2018-09-05T16:22:15-05:00June 1st, 2018|BBQ, BBQ Gadgets and Accessories, Products|

The Thermapen Mk4 Is Worth Every Penny For $99.00, you might be thinking that the Thermapen Mk4 is a waste of money. But I have to tell you it is worth every penny. You see, people always ask me what are some of my secret ingredients for making amazing barbecue. I could tell them [...]

18 05, 2018

The Trompo King Is Amazing

2018-09-05T16:22:23-05:00May 18th, 2018|BBQ, BBQ Gadgets and Accessories, Products, Reviews|

To Stack Your Meat Check Out The Trompo King A couple of weeks ago while perusing my Instagram feed I came across a video highlighting The Trompo King. So what is the Trompo King? The Trompo King is a stainless steel accessory for your smoker or grill that vertically stacks your meat. Now I [...]

17 07, 2016

7 Kamado Joe Accessories You Need TODAY

2018-09-05T16:23:02-05:00July 17th, 2016|BBQ, BBQ Gadgets and Accessories, Food and Drink, Last Post, Products, Reviews, Smoke Club|

These Kamado Joe Accessories Are Amazing. Most of my friends know me as an EGG Head, but about two months ago I became a Joe Head, for now I love the red of Kamado Joe. And these 7 Kamado Joe accessories, you need to pick up TODAY! The term EGG head, pertains to those [...]

8 05, 2016

Check out the Kamado Joe JoeTisserie!

2018-09-05T16:23:44-05:00May 8th, 2016|BBQ, BBQ Gadgets and Accessories, Food and Drink, Last Post, Products, Recipes, Reviews|

The Kamado Joe JoeTisserie is my favorite new accessory. Earlier this week I was perusing through my Instagram feed and I came across the Kamado Joe JoeTisserie. Now I know what you are thinking, "You're an EGG head, what's this hogwash about a Kamado Joe." Well let me tell you about The Kamado Joe [...]

29 02, 2016

The Great Aussie BBQ Grill Brush: Review in Haiku

2018-09-05T16:23:59-05:00February 29th, 2016|BBQ, BBQ Gadgets and Accessories, Last Post, Products, Reviews|

Last summer I received for free for testing purposes, the Great Aussie BBQ Grill Brush. Although I used this awesome BBQ grill brush last summer, as well as throughout the winter months, I finally had a chance to put my thoughts together about this grill brush. When it comes to grilling or more importantly [...]

18 03, 2015

7 Big Green Egg Accessories You Need TODAY

2019-09-03T14:25:48-05:00March 18th, 2015|BBQ, BBQ Gadgets and Accessories, Featured Post, Food and Drink, Last Post, Products, Reviews|

If you are an EGG head just like me and can't wait to get home from work to fire up your Big Green Egg, there are a plethora of accessories available for one to be able to grill or smoke the perfect meal. So for any of the newbie EGG heads that have recently purchased a Big Green Egg or are contemplating purchasing a...