Personal Poetry

Wrote This With You

Poetry Prompt: I Wrote This With You

I Wrote This With You I fear my memory with be forgotten by the sunlight. I remain curious even thought we are at a stalemate. Excuse my brevity as with fun comes a soothing new thirst. Yet I fear ... Read More...
Cinqku Challenge

Today’s Cinqku Challenge: Key

Today's Cinqku Challenge is to write a cinqku poem using the word 'key.' When I think of a key, there are many different ways to use this word for the Cinqku Challenge. Perhaps it is a key that unlocks a myste... Read More...

For My Love

I never knew what Love was until One January day on a Very cold night I Eventually said hello. You have been my everything for Over twenty years, while being Unbelievable to me.... Read More...