Indexing One’s Life

Born into the world without hate, foreward; takes first steps into a scary world, 1; absent father replaced by a real man, 7; kisses a girl for the first time, 8; heart broken by a girl for the first time, 8; develops cognitive disorder, 12; attempts to perfect “perfectionist” syndrome, 14; fails to perfect perfectionist syndrome, 16; leaves the nest for the first time, 18; discovers alcohol, 18; discovers recreational narcotics, 18; fails first class in lifetime, 19; meets beautiful girl, 20; falls in love with beautiful girl, 20; returns back to the nest for the last time, 20; miraculously graduates from college, 22; marries beautiful girl, 24; becomes a father for first time, 26; graduates from graduate school, 29; holds second son in hands after birth, 33; muddles through life making good and bad decisions, 33-44; celebrates 20-years of marriage, 44; lives life happily ever after, 44 – [TBD].

[hr gap=””]For Day 12 of National Poetry Writing Month, the prompt was to write an “index” poem, similar to an index you might find in a book. This poem is a brief index of my life.