Well wouldn’t you know it, but today is “Take Your Poet To Work Day.” It would only be àpropos, if one of my favorite brands I interact with on Twitter, Corner Bakery, invited me to their “work” today as the guest host of the nearly weekly Crave Chat.

Crave Chat is normally held every Wednesday from 1pm ET, 12pm CT and 10am PT and you can follow along the conversation either through Tweet Chat here or by following Corner Bakery Cafe on Twitter here. I normally use Tweet Deck and create a custom column with the Crave Chat hashtag (#CraveChat), which for me is the easiest way to follow along.

As a host of Twitter parties as well as an active participant, I always answer my questions in rhyme, but for educational purposes, a Twitter party usually has seven to ten questions (sometimes more), whereas the host handle will start with a question such as the one below:

Then the response would from me would be something similar to this below:

It is always best if you put in a “A” with the question number so that folks know which question you are answering. Furthermore, many people do not “mute” their tweets (which means starting a tweet or reply to a tweet with the @ sign), which doesn’t necessarily clutter the feed of your Twitter followers. Generally speaking, I almost always never mute my tweets because if someone unfollows me because I may tweet often, then they just were not the right follower for me, agree?

So today, if you have the time, we will be dishing out, some Fresh Rhymes. At 1pm ET, the place to be, will be on Twitter, with me and Corner Bakery.