This upcoming Thursday, July 9th, at 2pm ET, 1pm CT, 11am PT, will be the Smiley360 hosted #TeethingBites Twitter party, sponsored by Infants’ Advil. As a parent of now two grown up lads, teething is something that any parent will most likely have had to experience and it “doesn’t have to bite” thanks to our friends NUK and Advil.

As a host of Twitter parties as well as an active participant, I always answer my questions in rhyme, but for educational purposes, a Twitter party usually has seven to ten questions (sometimes more), whereas the host handle will start off with a question such as the one below:

Then the response would from me would be something similar to this below:

It is always best if you put in a “A” with the question number so that folks know which question you are answering. Furthermore, if you want to use a website called Tweet Chat, it is an easy way to follow along if the host handle is using that software for the chat. Tweet Chat is also a great source for a calendar for upcoming chats, but I prefer to use Tweet Deck.

Oh, one more thing. PRIZES. For this particular chat, thanks for Infants’ Advil, eight lucky winners will each receive a prize pack containing Infants’ Advil, a tissue pack and a NUK teething toy!

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Have a great time and perhaps you will see me there, writing a pithy rhyme.

[hr gap=”1″]Image from Smiley360 email I received today.