Last week I had the pleasure of completing the Juice So Good Pro Cleanse and you had the pleasure of reading about it here and here. So one might ask, “So how are you doing one week later?” Well “one”, thanks for asking. I’m doing amazing and feel even better. You can read in more below, by just clicking that big green box (come on, I know you want too), but to summarize the three-day Juice So Good cleanse consisted of eating, I mean drinking, nothing by 18 bottles of Juice So Good juices, six each-day. Some folks will simply replace a meal with one bottle, do a one-day cleanse or perhaps even a week-long cleanse. For me, three days seemed ideal.

Frankly, not to pat my back (okay I just did) I am very proud that I completely the Juice So Good cleanse. No one, including yours truly, thought I’d get past he first day, but in complete candor it was pretty easy. By day number two I was on a roll, both literarily and figuratively as I was writing about my experience but I was also still exercising on my indoor bicycle (get it, on a roll???). I had plenty of energy to go throughout my day even on my normal six or less hours of sleep. It wasn’t until late in the day on the third day of my Juice So Good cleanse that I was starting to get a little rumble in my tummy that was telling me I’m hungry. I’d say that was more psychological because I was starting to daydream about the dinner I was going to have at a charity event I was attending later that evening.

As I donned my former banker suit, I suddenly realized something quite prophetic that I was anticipating: my suit fit. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Duh, you hadn’t eating anything in three days and you already said you were exercising too.” Yes and yes, but the reason I did the Juice So Cleanse wasn’t to lose weight (which I lost 7.5 pounds), it was part of my personal journey of re-committing myself to a healthy lifestyle. You see, I’m only 43. I’m choosing to be around to see my potential grandchildren 10 years from now (no eldest lad, that’s not a hint).

Since I recommitted myself to a healthier lifestyle approximately 60 days ago, I’ve managed to go from my heaviest weight ever, 226.6 pounds, all the way down to 209.1 pounds as of last Friday. I know some of the weight loss was a result of a lack of eating and shedding water weight, but I also managed to burn about 700 to 800 calories each day in my morning bike ride. If fact, it’s 5:30am in the morning and I’m trying this article while I’m peddling away. I chose this time to not only exercise, but also to write. I’d say, that is a great way to start my day.

Now one week later after coming off my Juice So Good Pro Cleanse, I find myself not nearly as hungry as I was before I started my Juice So Good cleanse. The portions I’m putting on my plate are smaller. I’ve traveled to Florida, but I managed to make healthier choices while eating out: packed my own snacks, only a few beers my dear, drank a ton of H2O don’tcha know. As I hop on the scale on week later, my weight is 210.9.

Here is also a recap of my Periscope “Walk and Talk” chat when I talked about my experience on the Juice So Good Pro Cleanse. Without a doubt, check it out:

So in conclusions, as poem’d before, I’ll poem it again:

If it worked for me
it can work for you,
Juice So Good is great,
you’ll be green with even too.

But alas
choices are your fate,
one day real soon,
I’ll have my ideal weight.