Join Me and P&G in the #DadsJourney Twitter party to Celebrate Father’s Day

If there is one thing to know about me, it is that I love a great Twitter party. What I mean by a Twitter party is typically an hour-long chat hosted by a brand, which may include a giveaway of sorts. I’ve won some great prize packs in Twitter chats, including a trip to Mexico by Expedia. So tomorrow night, June 18th, in celebration of the upcoming Father’s Day, one of my favorite brand companies, Procter and Gamble, is hosting the #DadsJourney Twitter party from 8-9pm ET (or 7-8pm CT for us Minnesotans).

So what happens in a Twitter party? Typically there are seven to ten questions asked, almost every six to eight minutes. Most times the tweet with be in the form of: “Q1. What is a favorite memory of your Dad?” The typical response should start with an “A1.” Now for me, I always like to respond in rhyme or haiku, as that is something that I love to do. Therefore my response would be something like, “A1. I love my Dad, this is so true, he makes me happy, even when I’m blue. #DadsJourney.”

Now putting in the hashtag of the Twitter party is also key as it allows the sponsoring brand to track your tweets, but more importantly qualifies you for a prize pack, if that is what they are doing. Other times there are rules such as you must follow the host brands. For anyone that is wants to be eligible for the #DadsJourney Twitter party, you must follow each of these eight Procter and Gamble brands, which I’ve made easy for you by linking to their Twitter handles:

By participating in the #DadsJourney Twitter party, you are giving Thank You Mom permission to direct message you on Twitter. Don’t worry, they just need to do this so they can get your shipping information. In addition, the first 30 people to follow all brands and take part in the party are eligible to win the prize pack. I’m already following these eight brands, so step one is already done. Furthermore, you must be 18 years or older and U.S. residents only (50 states & DC), so to my Puerto Rican friends, you might not be eligible.

Lastly, I know that Procter and Gamble and specifically Thank You Mom have been unfortunately portrayed by many daddy bloggers as not being very friendly towards Dads and focusing mainly on Moms. Well, I’ve had plenty of interactions with so many of the Procter and Gamble brands, so I know this to not be true, but often times I’ve noticed that many of these daddy bloggers are looking to receive something from P&G, either in compensation or products, for talking about their brands. Personally, the only thing I’ve ever asked for is a follow from my favorite P&G brands and yes I’m still a little stung by Head and Shoulders unfollowing me (see The Tao of Branding and Haiku below), but that’s okay, I’m a big poet. I’ll get over it.

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So come one, come all, for the best party of all. Don’t be late. The party starts at eight…or seven Central Time. Oh, I’ll be there with my rhyme.[hr gap=”2″]Picture from Procter and Gamble via Twitter