The Poet

For over thirty years I have been writing poetry, but up until recently did I only start to publish my poetry via social networking sites as well as this website. There are eight sections of poetry:

  • Cinqku – a five line poem, blending a cinquain and a haiku. 17 syllables, in two, three, four, six and two syllables respectively;
  • Erasure – a poem in which starts with an original poem, then one erases letters and words to form a new poem;
  • Haiku – a traditional three verse poem consisting of 17 syllables, in a five-seven-five format;
  • National Poetry Month – poems written for National Poetry Month which occurs in the United States each April;
  • Personal Poetry  – poems I have written that really don’t have any other category. They’re just personal in nature; and
  • Poetry Prompts – prompts to encourage writing a new poem.
  • Product Placement Poetry – poems written for the products that I love and enjoy on a daily basis.