For over thirty years I have been writing poetry, but up until recently did I only start to publish my poetry via social networking sites as well as this website. There are eight sections of poetry:

  • Cinqku - a five line poem, blending a cinquain and a haiku. 17 syllables, in two, three, four, six and two syllables respectively;
  • Cinqku Challenge - a daily prompt I created utilizing a specific word for a cinqku;
  • Erasure - a poem in which starts with an original poem, then one erases letters and words to form a new poem;
  • Haiku - a traditional three verse poem consisting of 17 syllables, in a five-seven-five format;
  • National Poetry Month - poems written for National Poetry Month which occurs in the United States each April;
  • Personal Poetry  - poems I have written that really don't have any other category. They're just personal in nature; and
  • Poetry Prompts - prompts to encourage writing a new poem.
  • Product Placement Poetry - poems written for the products that I love and enjoy on a daily basis.

Branding From Within

You are your own brand, we each are unique.
No need to trademark, the human symbol.
Our identity…
…our own entity.
Waiting to be infringed on by others.

You are an asset, with hidden mystique.
Faded watermarks, written on paper.
With advertising…
…you’re tantalizing.
Brand experience, over many years.

Your recognition, a logo that’s sleek.
Aided awareness, a top-of-mind brand.
The top echelon……

If you loved this or hated this, let me know!