For over thirty years I have been writing poetry, but up until recently did I only start to publish my poetry via social networking sites as well as this website. There are eight sections of poetry:

  • Cinqku - a five line poem, blending a cinquain and a haiku. 17 syllables, in two, three, four, six and two syllables respectively;
  • Cinqku Challenge - a daily prompt I created utilizing a specific word for a cinqku;
  • Erasure - a poem in which starts with an original poem, then one erases letters and words to form a new poem;
  • Haiku - a traditional three verse poem consisting of 17 syllables, in a five-seven-five format;
  • National Poetry Month - poems written for National Poetry Month which occurs in the United States each April;
  • Personal Poetry  - poems I have written that really don't have any other category. They're just personal in nature; and
  • Poetry Prompts - prompts to encourage writing a new poem.
  • Product Placement Poetry - poems written for the products that I love and enjoy on a daily basis.

April is National Poetry Writing Month. Are You Ready for #NaPoWriMo?

30 Poems in 30 Days: It’s National Poetry Writing Month April is my favorite time of year, because it is National Poetry Writing Month. This is my fourth year participating in this writing exercise where poets from around the world are challenged to write 30…

Day 13: NaPoWriMo – Revenge

I have never quite understood the phrase “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” as the warmth of blood provides the happiness of a silent steak dinner after he’s bludgeoned by a mallet. This poem was the Day 13 prompt from for National Poetry Writing Month….

Beauty From Within

Wearing red lipstick, showing a smile…
…hiding my feelings, not trying to frown.

My beautiful dress, but I feel vile…
…bony and skinny, in my couture gown.

A catwalk called Life, I walk it each day…
…people adore me, ignoring my pain.

I blew them a kiss, they threw a bouquet…
…I’m a dead flower, my smile I feign.

They say I’m pretty…

Tears of Heaven

I stand above her
my literary edge.
A Siren’s beckoning call

“Jump in feet first.”
For the first time in years
my senses awakened

reverberating my soul
while cleansing my torn and
tattered, ashen fingers.

Her tears
my waterfall.
Refreshes my mind,

my body, my life.
Counting to three
I jumped in at one.

Day 27: NaPoWriMoPrompt: A Photographic Poem…

If I Only Had a Brain

On my three-inch by two-inch phone screen
I frantically type to meet a deadline,
all the while the printed paper’s ink
has settled into both my left and right hands,
burrowing deep into my fingernails
like an orange jailbird.
There is only 1 calculation I need to know
that equals billions of imaginary squirrels I chase down
never ending rabbit holes. Over 40 hours…

My Devotion

When I cannot see you
I feel the pain of a thousand nails
pressing against the small of my back,
like a decaying bed of rose thorns.

When I am not near you
I can’t appreciate your perfume,
a blend of cherish and devotion
with a hint of constant affection.

When I cannot kiss you
my lips become chapped for your fondness
by the…

My Horse Bessie

Within my hands
I gently caress and reign you in,
steering you left and often right.

Your mane, flowing
in the wind I feed you corn,
while your heart beats rhythmically

to a new tune
long-since whistled by frail Cowboys
that sat in your sun stained saddle.

I press my spurs
forcing you to accelerate
against your will down unpaved trails,

you become dusty…

Torment From Within

Striving for perfection…
…seeking your attention.
Torment from within…
…for no good reason.
Your approval I seek.

Despite my complexion…
…I see your dejection.
You say I am useless…
…I now believe it’s true.
A target of the meek.

The daily dissection…
…goes without exception.
You are so negative…
…your words are quite hurtful.
I scream a silent shriek.

I feel your deception……

The Lune

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