The Best 7 Articles from The Product Poet for the Week of May 31st, 2015

First of all, thank you for actually taking the time to come to my website and being a reader of my posts. Second of all, during the week of May 31st, I didn’t have any travel, but had the ability to start writing some reviews. Hopefully I will have more time this month to continue writing on a daily basis, but it is heading into a busy season for me.

So without further ado and based upon my Google Analytics, here is a listing of The Best of The Product Poet for the week of May 31st, 2015, along with a summary of the posts:

    1. Check out The 30 Day Plank Challenge: Early this year I completed a 30-Day Plank Challenge, working my way (okay puffing my way) to a five-minute plank by the end of 30-days.
    2. Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: A great play on words with the Salt n’ Pepa song, but this is about a series of Books from Empower and Educate Kids, that parents can easily talk to their children about sex, regardless of how old they are.
    3. 7 Big Green Egg Accessories You Need Today: I am such an EGG Head (term of endearment for those of us that use the Big Green Egg) and these are my must have accessories.
    4. An Open Letter To Adrian Peterson: I rarely get snarky, but I was a little perturbed about some of the comments recently made by Minnesota Vikings’ player Adrian Peterson. Like The Poltergeist re-do, “Heeeee’s back.”
    5. Unlocking The Mystery of The Trunk Club: This is a review of the Men’s online fashion stylist, Trunk Club. I’d also like to thank whoever is doing some SEO work on this article as it is driving visitors to my site. I find that out-of-sight.
    6. 7 Great Things to Do In San Antonio: After a recent business trip to San Antonio, Texas, here are seven things to-do that are must-do.
    7. Quest Protein Chips Are Great For Your Hips: Here is a nice review of Quest Nutrition’s Protein Chips. They’re great on your lips and good for your hips.

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