The Art of Unfriending on Facebook

When it comes to social media, some might say that in real life I am anti-social. My non-poetic, non-anonymous self has a total of 31 friends on Facebook and 14 followers on Twitter, as compared to approximately 10,000 “Likes” on my Facebook author page and over 150,000 followers on Twitter.

Since I am rather social on social media as my fictitious character…

Skimlinks helps Bloggers Make Money

I recently started using a free automated affiliate marketing service to monetize my website. The service is through industry leaders Skimlinks, who have been the top innovators in the affiliate marketing space since 2008. The UK-based company recognized that manual affiliate marketing is complicated and often too time consuming for most people to actually make any money from. With this, and the publishers’ best…

My Pandemonium

All around me is the bustle of life
yet I imagine myself on a beach
my toes placed within the cold sand

a restless dream within an hourglass.
The sunshine warms my soul from head to toe
a poignant reminder that all things die,

as the hush of the wind is deafening
the kind of serenity I’m seeking.
I open my eyes to a…


I spy, with my eye, there is WiFi.
She is free on the land, so WiFly?
There’s no love connection, so WiTry?
Complain I never do, so WiCry?
12 dollars for what, so WiBuy?
They gotcha by CAPTCHA, so WiLie?
Surveillance in the air, so WiSpy?
My plane is landing, so now WiBye.

Contributor’s note: The above poem is considered to be a Nashers…

My Fear

The alarm bells do ring, face struck with precision
Not every hour, an escape route to plan
With each passing second, difficult decisions
For me the bell does toll, the horizon I scan.

To leave or not to leave, frightful anxiety
Afraid of my shadow, backwards I am peering
My weak heart does now heave, always expecting the worse
I head to the gallows…

An Alexandrine Poetry Prompt

The Product Poet’s poetry prompt for today is to write an Alexandrine poem about an emotion.

An Alexandrine poem has lines consisting of twelve syllables, but after the sixth syllable is a caesura (or pause). According to John Drury, the Alexandrine is the most important kind of line in French poetry.

Get a little crazy and write lines in iambic hexameter or six…

The Sky

I am sitting in 1C, waiting for the thrust of the Rolls Royce engines to propel me forward. I firmly clutch the faded gray, faux leather armrest with my left hand, revealing blue veins through now white clenched fingers. As the whir of the engines begins to purr, the miniature Dasani water bottle bounces around happily as the underbelly of the jumbo jet licks…

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