First of all, thank you for actually taking the time to come to my website and being a reader of my posts. Second of all, this was a little bit of an unusual week for me as my grandmother-in-law past away. Baba lived a long life and at 97 it was her time and our time to say goodbye. Therefore, several of my most-read posts actually were pertaining to either her death or anticipating her death. Life is precious, make sure we sometime stop for breath it all in.

So without further ado and based upon my Google Analytics, here is a listing of The Best of The Product Poet for the week of May 17th, 2015, along with a summary of the posts:

    1. Check out The 30 Day Plank Challenge: Early this year I completed a 30-Day Plank Challenge, working my way (okay puffing my way) to a five-minute plank by the end of 30-days.
    2. Goodbye Baba: This was 10 Word Journal for May 19th where we buried our grandmother and grandmother-in-law, Baba.
    3. Unlocking The Mystery of The Trunk Club: This is a review of the Men’s online fashion stylist, Trunk Club.
    4. What is Anticipatory Grief? Death comes at all times, but this article discusses anticipating death.
    5. 10 Word Journal – The Pond – May 10th: I started writing hopefully a daily “10 Word Journal” which captures a moment in time. Snapped this picture of my pond behind my house.
    6. Need A Quick Munch? Try FIT CRUNCH: This was a review of Chef Robert Irvine’s protein bar, FIT CRUNCH.
    7. The Rabbit: This was my 10 Word Journal for May 20th, where I captured a rabbit and a squirrel dancing underneath the canopy.

As a result of my writing efforts and you as a reader, according to together we have been able to slowly make The Product Poet a highly trafficked website. In fact, in approximately four months, this website has now become approximately the 140,000 most trafficked website in the United States and is in the top 2% in the World as it pertains to internet traffic. For that, I am forever grateful.

As always, thank you for following along and reading my posts. You can also find me on Twitter, by clicking here and following me, liking my Facebook page here and following me on Instagram here.