Thank you for being a fan and reading my posts. Here is a listing of The Best of The Product Poet for the week of March 1st, 2015, along with a summary of each of the posts:

  1. 7 Fun Facts about Spring Break and Panama City Beach: As I head towards Spring Break in Mexico, this article includes some great facts about Spring Break and Panama City Beach, my former home-away-from home.
  2. My Green Egg Makes Them Beg: In this post, I talk about how much of an EGG head that I have become and that the Big Green Egg is the ultimate grilling and smoking accessory for any foodie.
  3. The Art of Unfriending on Facebook: In this article, I discuss how and why people unfriend on Facebook as well as provide some links to some great research discussing the psychological impact of being unfriended.
  4. How To Cure A Hangover: This a poem that was requested by Molly Mogren, who just had spent the previous day drinking wine in Sonoma and the cure is to drink more wine.
  5. The Ultimate Kids Helmet Accessory: Pogginz: This is review of Pogginz, which makes some very cool attachable accessories for bike and ski helmets. Without a doubt, check them out.
  6. To Depart: This is haiku dedicated to Winter’s demise and Spring’s arrival. I took the photo on a morning walk with my shih tzu, Charlie.
  7. The Strip Club Has Great Grub: This is a restaurant review of The Strip Club Meat & Fish restaurant located in St. Paul, Minnesota. They have wonderful meats and the service is a treat.

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