Today’s Cinqku Challenge: Pine

2015-09-21T18:46:14+00:00September 21st, 2015|Cinqku Challenge, Last Post, Poetry, Poetry Prompts|

Today’s Cinqku Challenge is to write a Cinqku poem using the word ‘pine.’

As yesterday’s cinqku challenge was to write a cinqku using the word ‘country,’ today’s word of the day reminds me of pining for something, whether it be the touch of my spouse or a bowl of ice cream. You see, I also love using words that have multiple meanings, as pine could literally mean the type of tree. So tell me, do you pine for a pine?

Have fun with this prompt.

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  1. zack September 23, 2015 at 5:41 am - Reply

    The pine
    Grows stronger
    As the wind blows
    In the rain, sleet, and snow
    Stands tall

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