With Twitter Removing The Like Button How Will You Save Tweets?

I heard the news today, oh boy. Is Twitter removing the like button?

As reported by The Telegraph, Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey is contemplating this very radical move by removing the “like” function in a an “ability to improve the quality of debate on the social network.”

The favorite or like button has always been an intriguing one for me as it has gone through several iterations.

Whether it was a favorite star or an eventual heart, either way it has served an interesting function for me: the acknowledge someone or to bookmark it for later.

Trust me there have been many I have sent out or received a tweet just for acknowledging the like, so for me it has contributed to engagement on the social network.

And there were even on-line ranking services that would aggregate the best tweets based off of favorites. Remember Favstar? They shut down and blamed Twitter for their demise.

A Changing Landscape

Yet the like button has also been used negatively to attack many people who troll through user likes and use those likes against people.

For example, a prospective football coach in Minnesota walked away from his job with  a local high school 10-days after announcing he was the new head coach, after someone reported he liked a risqué photo on the social network.

To date I have nearly 49,000 likes yet because I’ve liked so many tweets, the articles I want to read for later have been somewhat lost as a result of my over-zealous liking.

Bookmarking Option

So what am I or you supposed to do without a like button? The obvious one is to retweet or quote retweet, but for book marking purposes, Twitter does have a pretty amazing AND private bookmarking function.

The bookmarking function allows one to save and curate tweets for engaging or reading later. It also helps if you really want to save one of your favorite tweets without having to use the search function or scrolling through your Twitter feed.

So how do you bookmark a tweet? I’ve yet to see how to do this on your desktop, but on a mobile device (I use an iPhone), simply look at the tweet and tap the up sharing or “arrow up” button next to the like button.

Twitter Removing Like ButtonYou will then see a pop-up that allows you to add the tweet to your bookmarks.

Twitter Removing Like Button

Next tap the home button in the Twitter app, then tap on your logo in the upper left corner. This will bring you to your main setting page where you will see things like profile, lists and bookmarks.

Tap the bookmarks and all of your tweets that you have bookmarked will be privately saved here.

Twitter Removing The Like Button

So will I be disappointed that the like button goes away? Yes and no.

Yes because I feel that people engage more with likes than retweets and/or responding, but no because I will be able to curate the tweets that I want, when I want and so only I can see those tweets. To me I find that sweet.

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